A little bit about me!...

 I am an ambitious, goal oriented, hard working individual who also loves a lazy day on the couch once in a while with my dog or cat and a nice cup of coffee. Going to the Desert, or visiting a cozy cabin in a small town are my type of adventures. I'm passionate about what I do and enjoy always staying up to date with the latest skin care trends in the industry! Struggling with my own skin at a young age led to my passion for skin care and skin treatments. I am doing what I love and life is good!

Relaxing Environment


From the moment you walk in the door, the focus is YOU. The spa services are a great way to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life and take care of yourself. Come take a break and let me take care of your skin!

High-Quality Esthetics


Many people underestimate the effect of high-quality skin care and treatments. I only use the best, latest & greatest, game-changing products and equipment with guaranteed results! 

What Makes Abbie a "Master Esthetician?"

Advanced Education


By acquiring education at the ONLY advanced, master esthetics program in the world. I was a dedicated, full hearted student who loved learning everything an esthetician would need to know and MORE. Finally receiving my "Master's Diploma" which usually would take an esthetician 15 years to acquire was the highlight of my education. 



By specializing in advanced treatments, I have the ability to make drastic changes in your skin. Weather that be treating and healing acne, preventing signs of aging, or reversing the clock I can help you reach your skin goals! 

The proof


While critiquing my skills, I have had a number of "case studies" that I have worked with to test my abilities and conquer each individual's goals. Before and after photos available in "gallery" or on my Instagram/ Facebook page. 

The Master Esthetician's Secrets

"Voices of Courage"

Listen to learn: How to be the most Beautiful YOU!

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